Our Oven Repair Service Near Monroe, NC, is Here to Make Your Life Easier

You depend on your stove for cooking meals, heating water, and so much more. When it breaks down, calling a professional is vital before it becomes beyond repair. Our expert technicians in Kelly Appliance Repair Service, LLC, provide high-quality oven repair services near Monroe, NC. Our years of experience allow us to use the right equipment and practices to get your oven working like new so that you can continue with your daily routine.

Is Your Stove Broke? We’ll Fix It

All Repairs Are Possible With Us

Our professionals can easily troubleshoot any issue with your oven and stove, extending its lifespan, efficiency and helping you save money. Once we’re done, you’ll have your appliances running properly again.

Our oven and stove repairs include:

  • Heating elements
  • Vape and broil elements
  • Gas igniters
  • Control boards
  • Burner element
  • Electric burner elements
  • Temperature probes

We only repair electric and gas stoves.

Improve Your Overall Comfort With Our Help

Rely On Our Gas Stove Installation Service

Our oven and stoves play a significant role in our overall comfort. That’s why our technicians are committed to providing our clients with the best service near Monroe, NC. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients through friendly and prompt service from start to finish.

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